Terms and Conditions

Adelaide Indoor Sports Centre – Terms & Conditions, W.E.F 2019

By registering your team at the Adelaide Indoor Sports Centre your team agrees and is bound by the rules, terms and conditions of the Adelaide Indoor Sports Centre.

Your team agrees to play according to the rules of your chosen sport (a full copy of the rules, terms & conditions can be found at www.aisc.com.au or at the Adelaide Indoor Sports Centre).

AISC Management Rights and Obligations

AISC Management is committed to ensuring that all players are informed of any changes that may occur during the season.

AISC Management has the right, to not accept, or withdraw the registration of any team from the competition as well as the right, to disqualify an individual or team if they see reason to.

1. Forfeits
In the event of a forfeit, a team is required to give 48 hours notice to management. If no notice is given, the match fee of the chosen sport is payable and must be paid on the next scheduled game prior to the game commencing. If the notice given is less than 6 hours then the forfeit fee is double the match fee.

This is a social competition above all you are participating to have fun and be active. The Adelaide Indoor Sports Centre reserves the right to review the eligibility for teams and players to continue in the competition if there are examples of poor behaviour or poor discipline.

The AISC’s Fair Play Policy applies to all teams playing in the centre and is based on all teams participating with courteous, fair sportsmanship. Bad sportsmanship towards players, officials or spectators will not be tolerated at the AISC.

If poor behaviour occurs that is contrary to the spirit of fair play (foul language, pushing or fighting with spectators, team members or referees) penalties may include the following:

  • Suspension of players for a minimum of one match
  • Deduction of league points
  • Permanent suspension of spectators/players/team from the competition

All rulings and judgments regarding conduct of players and rule interpretation are at the discretion of the Adelaide Indoor Sports Centre Management.

  • Swearing, unacceptable language or behaviour towards the referee or other players, are unacceptable at the AISC and any offending players will be asked immediately to leave the court (and if required the centre) and will have no further participation for the duration of the game (or longer if required).
  • Should a fight occur between teams during a game, the referee will automatically stop play. There will be no appeal and both teams may be asked to leave the competition.

AISC Management is committed to ensuring that all players and spectators of Adelaide Indoor Sports Centre are acting in a non-disruptive manner at all times. Management has the right to disqualify an individual or team if they are found to be causing disruptive behaviour to the venue and/or to surrounding neighbours. If a player/spectator from the AISC  is found to be disruptive either physically or verbally within the centre or is responsible for disruptive activity outside the venue then they will be banned from the centre for a minimum of 1 season.

If the activity is of a serious nature and jeopardises the safety of others including disturbing neighbours then police will be asked to the centre to deal with such individuals. The AISC is committed to providing all individuals with a fun, safe, social environment that serves to minimise any impact on all surrounding neighbours.

3. Uniforms
Uniforms are compulsory. Teams must wear the same coloured shirts*. Management can refuse you the right to play.
No tank tops, No singlets and No jewellery are allowed while playing on the court.
*The Centre has a large range of replica tops available priced from $19.90. For more information please contact AISC management.

4. Safety/Insurance
As all the sports we offer are active in nature, participants need to be aware that injuries may occur and players play at their own risk. Each individual playing a game or entering the centre is doing so at their own risk. Management will not take any responsibility or be liable for any injuries.

All players are covered by the Centre’s Public Liability Insurance, but the AISC has no personal accident insurance. All patrons are strongly advised to have their own private health insurance and ambulance coverage.

It is recommended to all players that they find their own personal health insurance coverage that is sufficient for their personal needs.

5. Hot Weather Policy
  • All AFTERNOON Junior Sports competitions (under 18 years) will be cancelled if the daily forecast, as announced at 9am on the morning of the match day, on radio station NOVA FM, equals or exceeds 38 degrees.
  • All other sports competitions will be cancelled if the current temperature one hour before match time as announced on radio station NOVA FM, equals or exceeds 40 degrees.
  • Teams will be notified at least one hour their before match time – if at one hour before their scheduled match time the current temperature equals or exceeds 40 degrees, as announced on radio station NOVA FM. (This may mean that games scheduled earlier in the day can be cancelled but later games may still be played if the temperature is less than 40 degrees).
  • In the event of hot weather, teams will be notified of cancellation due to hot weather policy as soon as possible via SMS.