Indoor Cricket

Indoor Cricket now playing at AISC.


The registration fee is $50 per team per season.

Game Fees

The game fee is $50 per TEAM or $10 pp.

The Game

A ball game using reflex skills, Indoor Cricket is a modified version of Outdoor Cricket. It requires the use of outdoor skills in a hit and a run situation making for a very fast, fluent game with no time wasted.

All competitions are 6a side and cater for all skill levels that consist of 12 overs per team.

Each batting pair is required to bat 4 overs and each player is required to bowl 2 overs per game.

Seasons (Monday  6pm to 1030 pm )

(1) Feb to June 2024 ( NOT OFFERED)

(2) June 17 to Oct 7, 2024

(3) Oct 14 to Feb 12, 2025 


Bringing the excitement of cricket indoors!