Indoor Soccer Rules

AISC Indoor Soccer Rules

Please note the following rules must be read in conjunction with the terms and conditions of the AISC.


Men’s, Mixed & Women’s Game fees are $10.00 per game plus a $50 registration fee per team per season.
Juniors’ Game fee is $8.00 per game plus a $50 registration fee per team per season.
  • All soccer games are 2 x 15-minute halves.
  • All teams require a minimum of 5 players, although 6 is recommended due to the blood rule.
  • Please note: for any player to qualify for finals, they must play a minimum of 10 games and for any team to qualify for finals must attend a minimum of 20 weeks in the competition.
  • All registrations are due by week 1 of any competition
  • Game fees must be paid before the commencement of any game.


In the event of a forfeit, a team must give management 48 hours’ notice. If no notice is given, a $50 forfeit fee is payable and must be paid on the next scheduled game before the game commences.


This is a social competition. Adelaide Indoor Soccer Centre reserves the right to review the eligibility for teams and players to continue in the competition if there are examples of poor behaviour or indiscipline. AISC’s Fair Play Policy applies to all teams playing in the centre. Bad sportsmanship towards players, officials or spectators will not be tolerated.  If poor behaviour occurs (foul language, pushing or fighting with spectators, team members or referees) penalties may include the following:
  • Suspension of players for a minimum of one match
  • Deduction of league points
  • Permanent suspension of spectators/players/teams from the competition
All rulings and judgments regarding the conduct of players and rule interpretation are at the discretion of Adelaide Indoor Soccer Centre Management.



Uniforms are compulsory. Teams must have same coloured shirts. Management can refuse you the right to play.

No tank tops- No singlets – No jewelry allowed on the pitch

Game Time

Games are of 30-minute duration 2 x 15-minute halves (with a break time included). A finals game resulting in a draw after full time will go straight to penalties.

Kick Off

Players are given a few minutes of warm up time before commencing the game. Team members have 5 minutes to get to the game before kick off. For every 5 minutes a team is late, a goal will be awarded to the opposition. If all team members are present and are waiting on substitutes, the game will continue as normal until substitute arrives and the team will not be penalised.If after 5 minutes the team only has 4 team members present, the game will be played and the team will not be penalised.When kicking off from the central circle, the ball must be kicked backwards. The opposition may not be in the circle for the kick off.

Fill Ins

Fill in players are still required to pay the fee for the game.


5 or 6 players – Referee calls sub every 6 minutes

6 or 7 players – Referee calls sub every 5 minutes


Absolutely no tackles from behind. Tackles from side on are to have no body contact. All tackles will be left to the discretion of the referee and all decisions made from the referee are final. Arguing the point will only result in the player getting a yellow card. The referee has the right to allow play to go on after a foul if the team has an advantage.

High Ball

A ball coming off a player exceeding the white line will result in an indirect free kick from where the ball was kicked. Any ball bouncing off the walls or ground will result in play. Saves made by the keeper in a high ball will be played on. (Note: only from a goalkeeper’s save).


Passing back to the goalkeeper may be used at any time during the game, but passing back to the same player will result in an in-direct free kick. If a substitute is made, the goalkeeper may pass to any player including the last player to pass back.

Player on Ground

Any players on the ground within 5 metres of play will result in an in-direct free kick to the opposition team.

5 Second Rule

Players are given 5 seconds to kick the ball if they are shielding the ball against the wall or a free kick to the opposition will be given.

Semi Circle (Goalkeeper)

The semi-circle surrounding the goal simply means the goal keeper may not exit the circle at any time during play with their feet or arms and no player must enter the circle. This will result in a penalty kick. The goalkeeper has 5 seconds to kick the ball or an in-direct free kick to the opposition will be given.

Semi Circle (Attacking Players)

Any attacking players entering the semi circle will result in a goal keeper’s ball.

Semi Circle (Defending Players)

Any defending players entering the semi circle will result in a penalty kick.

Dotted Line surrounding the Semi Circle

The dotted line surrounding the semi circle is used for free kicks given between the semi circle and the dotted line allowing a 2 metre space for the defending wall.

Penalty Kicks

Goalkeepers must be on the white goal line when a penalty is taken. If the goalkeeper moves forward at any time, the penalty will be taken again.The penalty striker must be inside the white line located behind the penalty spot. If a penalty kick hits the wall and rebounds to the penalty taker, a goal kick will be given. All missed or saved penalties are automatically the goalkeeper’s ball. If a goal keeper elects to take a penalty kick and doesnt score then a penalty is awarded to the opposing team.

Yellow & Red Cards

All cards given are at the discretion of the referee. An accumulation of small offences will attract cards. Rough play or abuse will not be permitted or tolerated.


Each individual playing a game or entering the centre is doing so at their own risk. Management will not take any responsibility or be liable for any injuries.

Point Allocations

  • Win – 4 points
  • Draw – 2 points
  • Loss – 1 point
  • Uniform – 1 point
  • Bye – 4 points


If your team forfeits against the opposition then 4 points and 3 goals will be awarded to the opposition and -3 goals to your team and -4 points. The opposite applies if the opposition forfeits against you.

Mixed Soccer

In mixed soccer, all rules for indoor soccer apply to all males with the additional following rules for females:

  1. A maximum of 2 male players are allowed on the playing field at any time (plus the goalkeeper who can be a male)
  2. No male-to-female contact – male players are not allowed to tackle female players (free kick awarded to female)
  3.  No high ball rule for female players
  4. The female player can enter the goal semi-circle
  5.  The goalkeeper is allowed to leave the goal semi-circle and can play on the field
  6. The “gentleman” rule applies to all mixed games – males must not play aggressively or threateningly against female players at all times. Males are required to conduct themselves with “gentlemanly” conduct at all times. If a male player is playing in an aggressive &/or threatening fashion toward a female player (referees’ discretion) including striking the ball toward a female player, tackling or marking a female opponent, then the referee will award a free kick against the male player in question. The exception to the rule is if a female player runs directly into the path of the ball to attempt to block a shot or chooses to stand in a wall, or if a female chooses to play as goalkeeper.

Personal Belongings

Players are responsible for their own property. Management will not take responsibility for lost or stolen property.

Management Rights and obligations

Management is committed to ensuring that all players are informed of any changes that may occur during the season. Management has the right to disqualify an individual or team if they see reason to.

Disruptive Behaviour / Neighbourhood Harmony

Management is committed to ensuring that all players and spectators of Adelaide Indoor Soccer Centre are acting in a non-disruptive manner at all times. Management has the right to disqualify an individual or team if they are found to be causing disruptive behaviour to the venue and/or to surrounding neighbours. If a player/spectator from the Adelaide Indoor Soccer Centre is found to be disruptive either physically or verbally within the centre or is responsible for burnouts and other such activity outside the venue then they will be banned from the centre for a minimum of 1 season. If the activity is of a serious nature and jeopardises the safety of others including disturbing neighbours then police will be asked to the centre to deal with such individuals. The Adelaide Indoor Soccer Centre is committed to providing all individuals with a fun, safe, social environment that serves to minimise any impact on all surrounding neighbours.